Better Late Than Never

With all of the regular weekly, monthly, annual and oddball events, it seems that there’s always something going on somewhere in the valley. Between all of those events, photo shoots, trackdays and everything else it’s hard to keep up with it all and I often get behind when it comes to processing and uploading photos for everything. But as the weather starts to warm up, activity begins to cool down a bit and I have time to play a little catch up. So this week I’m highlighting some of my favorite events from the past six months or so that have been lost in the shuffle or simply put off until just recently.

Paradise Valley 10K Vintage
– November 10, 2007

Copperstate 1000 Road Rally
– April 6, 2008

Julio G’s Sportscars on the Green
– April 19, 2008

FCA at the Ostrovsky Gallery
– April 20, 2008

FIR Night Races
– May 24, 2008