Despite considerable renown in certain automotive circles, the Ultima GTR is relatively unknown to most. Taking the GTR to car shows or out for a Sunday cruise results in many puzzled looks and baffling guesses as to exactly what it is. But that unknown factor doesn’t stop people from gawking and, in fact, adds to it. Even just taking it out to the grocery store for milk, people reacting with waves, thumbs-ups and cameras out of car windows is the norm. Be it Ferrari, Lamborghini or otherwise next to the Ultima, the Ultima is getting most of the attention. Out on the street juxtaposed to a sea of mundane, gray sedans and SUVs, the GTR looks more like a spaceship than a car. Like it doesn’t belong and...

Scottsdale Pavilions, June 15th 2013 Jun15

Scottsdale Pavilions, June 15th 2013

Well, after over three and a half years of passing on the weekly Scottsdale Pavilions car show, I finally made my way back out there. I used to be a very, very regular attendee, always snapping away. For several years I made it almost every week but have found it more difficult to make it out and while the turnout was a little thin due to the heat, I was still very pleased with what I saw. Highlights included a nice Nissan GTR, McLaren MP4-12C, a pair of wild street-legal rock crawlers and others. Once the temps cool down a bit, I’ll definitely be back out there again and will try to make it a more regular occurrence once again. Click HERE to view the FULL GALLERY (28 Photos) Click HERE to view past...

Monster Jun03


While Vivid Racing has had their hands on just about everything from Lamborghinis and Porsches to Vipers and Corvettes to Maybachs and Audis, they’re probably best known for their heavily modified and show stopping Japanese cars.  They’ve built some of North America’s most recognized...

Valley Sightings, December Dec29

Valley Sightings, December

Local Motors Rally Fighter Over the past couple months I’ve been trying to keep more of an eye out for random car sightings at times when I may be able to snap a quick shot.  Sometimes it takes a bit of looking, but other times they drive right up to me and are pretty damn hard to miss.  That was the case with this Local Motors Rally Fighter.  While I have seen a different Rally Fighter out at a couple of events, seeing one randomly on the street is a completely different experience.  Without question it has as much road presence as just about anything else I’ve ever seen out and about.  Interesting seeing such a big, burly car with a license plate filling up at the gas station.  How do you...