The Lone Gun May27

The Lone Gun

Ask people what they think about the term “kit car” and they usually conjure up images of rebodied Fieros with their ill proportioned, poorly fitted replica body panels, and anemic engines shrouded under a plastic cover with “V12” stamped onto it.  They’re little more than phony show pieces, and even then they’re not going to be winning many shows anytime soon.  This is certainly not the case with ALL kit cars, but there are plenty. With such stigma surrounding the term I hesitate to call the Grabercars La Bala a “kit car” despite it currently being on the market in both turnkey and kit form.  Maybe we should call it a “Component” car. No matter the...

Technical Knockout! Jun21

Technical Knockout!

A Stunning Trio of Late Production Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxers The Ferrari Boxer first appeared at the 1971 Turin Motor Show with the introduction of the 365 GT4 BB. Designed as a competitor to Lamborghini’s Miura, it didn’t actually hit production until two years later, in 1973. Enzo Ferrari had long been a champion of the midengined layout, but was afraid buyers couldn’t handle such cars. That thinking changed in the late-sixties. Though never officially a Ferrari, the midengined Dino was an undeniable success and helped pave the way for what is now considered a staple in the exotic community, the midengined Ferrari road car. The Berlinetta Boxer was the first of these cars. Though the...

Not Something You See Every Day Feb17

Not Something You See Every Day

A Showcase of The Weird and Wild in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over the past couple years I’ve been attending local automotive events increasingly frequently and along the way I’ve seen and photographed quite a few cars and bikes that just make you scratch your head. Whether it’s “why?” or “how?” or just “huh?” one thing is certain, these things are unique. Vans and buses are a very popular subject for the weird and wild and often great for a laugh. This “1932 Ford Anniversary bus” recently sold at Barrett-Jackson for $130,000 and features a 454 big block, 871 blower, 14″ front brakes, 20×16″ rear wheels amongst other over-the-top...