Lexus LFA


I’ve been following the LFA project since the very first concept was introduced way back in 2005 and, unlike many, I’ve been a staunch supporter for the six year development.  My first car was a ’91 Toyota MR2 Turbo and my first car in Arizona was an ’87 Toyota MR2.  I was very into all things Toyota and tried to remain faithful through their darker, less performance minded years.  But with the introduction of the IS-F and the continual development of the LFA, my faith began to be renewed and I once again became excited to see where they were headed.  When the production LFA debuted and I first laid my eyes on it, and maybe more importantly, my ears, I felt somewhat vindicated. However, due to the extreme rarity of such a car, I was never able to see one in the flesh.  Until very recently.  Unfortunately, it was just in a dealership (Arrowhead Lexus in Peoria, Arizona) and my time was limited, so I didn’t get to hear the howling V10 breath fire, but seeing it in three dimensions with my own eyes, I can now say with confidence that it is an incredible looking car.  Extreme without being overly vulgar, cluing you into the extreme performance feats it’s capable of without having it plastered all over it’s carefully sculpted, extremely aerodynamic bodywork.  It’s function over form in a way that doesn’t totally ignore form, but allows you to appreciate the function.  With its bright yellow paint, bold body scoops and impressive power-to-weight ratio, this certainly isn’t a Toyota that you look to for a break in car insurance. I just hope that some day I can hear that V10 race to its 9,000rpm redline.  Ideally with me square behind that wonderful digital dash.

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