1967 Toyota 2000GT


My very first car was a Super White 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo. Before I was even sixteen years old I was looking at photos of SW20s online, researching everything there was to know about them, posting on MR2 specific forums and saving every penny I had while browsing classified ads. Once I finally found and bought my car (the only MKII Turbo within hundreds of miles) I grew even more fond of MR2s (later purchasing a 1987 MR2 as well) and Toyotas in general. With that, not surprisingly, the Toyota 2000GT very quickly became one of my favorite cars.


However, up until the evening I shot this particular car, I’d never had the pleasure of laying my eyes on one in the flesh. After seeing the flawless curves of the body work, hearing that 2.0l Yamaha built inline-six and shooting this car in the beautiful Arizona sunlight, not only was my love of the 2000GT reaffirmed, but I’ve come to appreciate it even more. It is quite simply not only one of the most beautiful Japanese cars ever produced, but one of the most beautiful cars ever produced.


The profile of the 2000GT has very few rivals in terms of absolute beauty and grace, but what really stands out for me is how the car just drips with understated elegance. It’s no wonder it was given the rare honor of being driven by James Bond, but I personally feel that it’s a shame they chopped the roof off to show more Sean Connery and less 2000GT. Getting rid of that swooping roofline and subtle double-bubble gives the car a more pedestrian profile and eliminates some of its best features.


Sadly, as much as I love the 2000GT, I don’t think one will be finding a home in my garage any time soon… With a total of 351 production cars (of which only 84 were left-hand drive) being built during its four year lifespan and prices on the rise, an example like this will cost you in the neighborhood of $1,000,000, if not more. RM Auctions has sold two of them in the past year, a 1968 for $935,000 and a 1967 for $1,155,000.


This 1967 Toyota 2000GT was sold new in California (hence the CA black plate) and currently owned by Don Rose (a specialist at RM Auctions) and maintained by The Finishing Touch Body Shop (one of the premiere body shops in the entire country) is without question of a similar quality to that duo and would command a similar price at auction, no question.

It was an honor and privilege to shoot such a phenomenal car and you can expect to see more sensational cars like this featured on Desert-Motors.com in the future.

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