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A Stunning Trio of Late Production Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxers

Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxers

The Ferrari Boxer first appeared at the 1971 Turin Motor Show with the introduction of the 365 GT4 BB. Designed as a competitor to Lamborghini’s Miura, it didn’t actually hit production until two years later, in 1973. Enzo Ferrari had long been a champion of the midengined layout, but was afraid buyers couldn’t handle such cars. That thinking changed in the late-sixties. Though never officially a Ferrari, the midengined Dino was an undeniable success and helped pave the way for what is now considered a staple in the exotic community, the midengined Ferrari road car. The Berlinetta Boxer was the first of these cars. Though the 365 GT4 BB carried the same numerical designation as the earlier Daytona, the similarities didn’t go much further than that. In addition to the obvious change of engine location, the motor was also placed longitudinally and became a flat-12 as opposed to the more conventional V12, hence the “Boxer” moniker.

Less than 400 365 GT4 BBs were produced before the introduction of the 512 BB in 1976. Ferrari produced nearly 1,000 512 BBs between 1976 and 1981, when the fuel injected 512 BBi (or 512i BB) was introduced. The last of the series, aside from the introduction of the Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system, there were very few changes between the BB and BBi. Most came in slight changes to the front and rear valances, but the wheels were also changed to metric sizes. The BBi’s 5 liter alloy flat-12 produces 340hp at 6000rpm and 333ftlb of torque at 4200rpm, propelling it to 62mph in 5.9 seconds and to a top speed of over 180mph. Though the most common of the Boxers, production was only increased by 88 cars, bringing the total to 1,007 BBis. In addition to its low production numbers, the BBi was never officially imported into the US , making one BBi, let alone three together, a very rare sight. 1984 was the final year of production for the 512 BBi and all three of these featured cars are late ’84 cars with one of the red cars being one of the final five Boxers produced.

Ferrari 512 BBi
Produced on the final day of production in late July 1984, not only is this car one of the last five BBis produced, it’s the last to be produced in the red with tan interior combination. It has Daytona style leather seats and has been in the US since new.
Ferrari 512 BBi
Another late ’84 production car, this BBi has the same red exterior, but carries a Crema leather interior. A Platinum award winner at Concorso Italiano Monterey California, it has a remarkable low 4,900 miles on the odometer and has also been in the US since new.
Ferrari 512 BBi
Delivered to Shelton Ferrari in 1984, this two-tone silver car has a full Bordeaux leather interior with black seat piping. Also a late production car, it was special ordered new by hall of fame race car driver and race team owner A.J. Foyt.

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