Cars and Coffee, March 2016


For the first time in nearly a year and a half, I finally made it to the Scottsdale Cars and Coffee. It’s an event I was at at the very beginning and never missed for over three years. But as life got busy and nights got late, it became increasingly difficult to force myself out of bed before sunrise and make the 30 minute drive to Scottsdale. But, I finally made that trip again and I’m very glad I did. Not only did I see a lot of familiar faces, but also a lot of wonderful cars.

When I first started going almost nine years ago, it was a small group of about 20 cars and virtually no “spectators”. I was just a handful of people taking photos and back then it was difficult NOT to see every car. My how things have changed. With people in safety vests directing traffic, dedicated areas for different cars, show cars spilling into neighboring parking lots and throngs of spectators, it has really become quite the spectacle. Fortunately, the quality of car hasn’t decreased and there’s always plenty of great things to see and photograph.

While I like a little of everything, it wasn’t difficult for me to pick favorites this month and my photos reflect that. Without a doubt, for me, the highlights were the combo of a white Renault 5 Turbo 2 and white Ford RS200 (just one of 200) and the TdF Blue Ferrari 550 Barchetta (the 16th of just 448). Fortunately, all three of those cars are owned by people I know, so don’t be surprised if you see many more photos of those cars showing up on in the future.

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