AMC Javelin SST Mark Donohue


As the “Pony Car Wars” raged on the race tracks of the Trans Am the need arose to homologate (or legalize) the new Javelin’s special features for the 1970 season. In a shrewd move, AMC intced the most successful team of the ’68 season, Rodger Penske and Mark Donohue to campaign the factory team cars for AMC during the 1970 – 1972 seasons.

As SCCA rules mandated that at least 2500 units be built to produciton standards to support the new twin inlet hood scoop, the main objective was to legalize the use of the very special Mark Donohue designed rear deck spoiler.

All Mark Donohue Signature Edition Javelins were based upon the fully optioned SST models and featured the distinctive hood and rear spoiler. In addition, the floor shift was standard along with a fully trimmed deluxe bucket seat interior. A 360 engine was the standard configuration with proportedly thicker webbing in the four bold main capacity engine blocks.

Sadly, AMC did not specifically denote or identify Mark Donohue Signature Edition Javelins in either VIN, door tag, or body tag numbers. As a reasult, verification of a genuine Mark Donohue Signature Edition Javelin is impossible without factory documentation and build sheet.

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Text by Russo and Steele