Cars and Coffee, October 2013


As the weather cools down and the sun comes up later, Cars and Coffee gets even better. I tend to skip most of the hottest months due to the heat, but when I finally returned this month (last time I was out there was June) it did not disappoint. Everything I saw from the months I skipped impressed me with the quantity and quality of cars despite the intense heat, but once we get to this time of year the event takes it to another level. I arrived very early at 6:30am (either 30 or 90 minutes before start time, depending on who you asked) and there were already a half dozen or so cars in the lot with new cars arriving constantly. I got there so early so that I could hop up on one of the ~16ft walls that run parallel to the road most of the cars arrive on in order to get shots like this:

Unfortunately, when I jumped down from the wall I discovered that someone felt they needed my ladder more than I did, but I digress. When I got down from the wall and into the lot around 7:30 or so, the lot was already overflowing with cars parked against every curb and well outside the normal “event area”. If the quantity of cars didn’t impress me enough, the quality certainly did. From more modern beauties like 458 above and the DB AR1 to some quintessential classics, like a Jaguar D-Type and C-Type, it was truly a top-tier group of cars.

Finally seeing a new Chevrolet Corvette (C7) in person was a nice surprise, too… but give it a month and they’ll be at every stoplight in Scottsdale. Really interested in what they’re going to do with the Z06/Grand Sport/ZR1/whatever, though, as it’s already so wild looking for a Corvette.

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