Inaugural Penske Cars and Coffee – Scottsdale


When I heard that  Penske Automotive Group Phoenix was putting together their own monthly Cars and Coffee event at their Penske Auto Mall (along with a sister event in Chandler the same day), I knew I had to be there.  Not only because with backing like that, it’s bound to become a quality event, but also because it’s a great location for such an event.  Being just off the 101 and at a dealership lot (purpose built to display a large quantity of cars), it’s perfect for an event where there are a lot of cars and people coming and going and a lot to see.  Doesn’t hurt that those cars are displayed in front of a first rate racing museum that is sandwiched between luxury and exotic car dealerships full of some of the nicest modern cars in the world.

Unfortunately, the event launched on the same day as one of the largest annual exotic and classic car events in the Phoenix valley, which was just a short distance away, so the pool of cars and enthusiast to pull from was fairly low for the day.  Still, some quality cars and enthusiastic owners and spectators were in attendance and I can only see this event growing month by month.  I will most definitely be there for the April event.

After scoping out the cars in the lot, I had to take a look around the dealerships and museum.  Especially since I knew one of the buildings housed an exquisite, and very special Koenigsegg CCX Edition (one of only two CCX Editions – a hypercar finished entirely in bare carbon fiber and producing nearly 900bhp).

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