Cars and Coffee, February 2012


For about the first three years of Cars and Coffee in Scottsdale, I didn’t miss a single event.  I was at the very first of both the now long gone event hosted by (the now long gone) Scottsdale Exotic Car Club and the still thriving event hosted Scuderia Southwest, back when it was just a couple dozen cars in a small section of a strip mall parking lot.  However, since then, I’ve made it out to only a handful, unfortunately.  I’ve missed a lot of amazing cars along the way (an astonishingly rare Ferrari 575 GTZ and, more recently, Jaguar XK-SS standout in my mind), so I’m always anxious to see what will be there on the rare months that I make it out.

February’s event saw an absolutely packed house, with the usual area overflowing despite cars coming and going all morning.  I would estimate well over 300 cars were in attendance.  I rolled in a little late and left a little early (for reasons that will be shown in a future post), so I missed a number of sensational cars (such as one of my very favorite cars, a BMW 507, a Hudson Italia and a McLaren MP4-12C, a car I have yet to see in person), but I saw plenty as well.  A menacing black-on-black-on-black Ferrari 599 GTO, a bright yellow Lamborghini Aventador and a pair of unrestored, primer gray European classics all caught my eye and the candy red MTT Turbine Superbike (aka Y2K Turbine SUPERBIKE) was pretty hard to miss.

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