1994 Toyota Supra Nov15

1994 Toyota Supra

The Mk.IV Supra is one of the most beloved cars Toyota has ever built. Its combination of looks and extreme performance capability make it an undeniably impressive vehicle and when offered the opportunity to shoot one of these legends, there was no way I was going to say “no”, even if I am more into European cars myself. Powered by the famous 2JZ engine, this particular Supra is putting down over 500 horsepower. Having ridden in it, I can tell you that it’s definitely no slouch. This Supra is less car, more rocket ship. Here is the engine mod list for the curious among you: -Custom Precision 63mm with .68 A/R -HPF turbo blanket -XS manifold, braced -Custom downpipe -HorsepowerFreaks three...

2005 Lotus Elise Oct31

2005 Lotus Elise

I’d like to use my first post here as an opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Otis Blank and I will serving as a contributor here at Desert-Motors. I, like Patrick, am a (primarily) automotive photographer located in Arizona. I plan to post the best of my photoshoots and event coverage photos as they happen here. My collective work can be seen here at my personal website. I recently was lucky enough to do a photoshoot with one of my all time favorite cars, the Lotus Elise. I love unapologetically focused cars like this that sacrifice almost nothing in the name of achieving ultimate driving performance. The fact that it looks great is also a bonus. This particular Elise has custom stripes running...