Windgate Ranch Festival of Speed 2012 Apr02

Windgate Ranch Festival of Speed 2012

When spring rolls around in the Phoenix valley, there are two events I always look forward to.  The Windgate Ranch Festival of Speed, put on by Scuderia Southwest, is one of them.  I’ve been in attendance for all four years and even worked to promote the inaugural event, shooting promotional photos and designing a website, posters and other materials… so, suffice to say, it’s an event I care about.  And, with each consecutive year, the event just gets better and better.  With relatively little exposure from the media and attention from the local automotive community, it manages to gather some of the very best cars of any event of the year and lots of them. Personal highlights this...


Three Simple Tips to Better Car Photos

While part natural ability, photography, like many things, is largely knowledge and persistence. In this case, natural ability is the photographer’s artistic vision and eye: their ability to look at objects and a scene and compose them in a way that is interesting and appealing. While lucky few are born with this ability, fortunately for the rest of us, most of it can be learned and much of it comes with experience. However, compositional understanding isn’t the only important knowledge for a photographer. Understanding how the camera’s settings, the environment’s lighting and any number of other things will affect a shot is equally important. The other most important part of the puzzle is...