2003 Aston Martin DB AR1 Zagato Jun15

2003 Aston Martin DB AR1 Zagato

435 bhp, 5,935 cc V-12 engine with four overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder, six-speed manual transmission with a twin-plate racing clutch, four-wheel independent suspension, and four-wheel Brembo disc brakes. Wheelbase: 102 in. The 37th of only 99 examples built 800 actual miles; beautiful condition Chassis no. SCFAE62383K800037 Engine no. 00280 Sold for $379,500 by RM Sotheby’s Looking to reinvigorate sales and interest in the Aston Martin brand, Ford once again teamed up with Zagato in 2002 to create a limited-production, coachbuilt grand touring car in the spirit of the DB4GT Zagato of the 1960s and the V8 Vantage Zagato of the 1980s. A design collaboration between Andrea Zagato and...